OptGuy SEO Process

1. Information Gathering

In this first step of the SEO process we will LISTEN to you and your company objectives, identity branding and business goals. We gather information about your website’s content and create a master file containing company identity elements for the visual design such as logo, fonts, colors, and pictures.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the foundation for search engine optimization. Intelligent analysis of the search terms potential customers use to find your business niche on the internet is vital for success.

3. Competitor Research

Researching a competitor’s website is one of the smartest ways to strategize how to rise above them. Your competition sets the bar and tells us how hard we will have to work to get you to the top of search engines.

An intelligent analysis of the top ranking websites in your business niche is an important part of our overall SEO Strategy for your website.

4. Site Structure

Creating an organized structure that enables users to understand the information you are conveying in a natural, flowing way, so user can easily navigate your website with intuitive steps. Infusion of keywords into URLs, navigation tabs and titles.

A Site Map of your website’s structure will be created including menus, submenus, popups, mouse-over messages and contact forms.

5. Visual Design

Yes, people do judge a book by its cover and web pages too. An appealing visual aesthetic draws in a visitor and makes them want to see more. We take it a step further than most web designers who follow smart design principles and ideals.

We keep ROI (Return on Investment) at the forefront of every website we design and build. If we design a website for you it will not only look fantastic, it will help your business grow.

6. SEO Server Deployment

Many people do not realize that hosting a website on a server optimized for search engines is an integral part of SEO success. Website load-time is a factor in search engine ranking algorithms, as well as server security, “trust” and reliability.

Discounted or “shared” server plans may cause your website to be penalized if the other websites sharing your server are not following Google’s Best Practices Guidelines and Rules. OptimizationGuy high-speed servers are optimized for performance, trust, security and reliability.

7. Concept Execution

Installing and configuring Wordpress CMS, our custom programmed SEO friendly Theme, customized for your website, and plugins installation and configuration, and also special plugins development based on your website needs, and build all necesary features specific to your website. The site is built out, privately, behind a secure firewall where proper

Administrators and Staff can login to work on and review during this process. During this phase we make all the changes our client’s see fit before the site goes public. This includes utilizing all the keyword and competitor research so that each page is optimized to it’s maximum potential for search engine indexing success.

8. Website Launch

Releasing the website from behind its privacy cloak and launching it live on the internet. This step also includes:

  1. Submitting a Site Map to all the major search engines to expedite indexing of optimized web pages and mixed media content.
  2. Install, configure and test Google Analytics.

9. Training

Training offered to client and staff how to use the new website’s Content Management System and Google Analytics tracking software.

10. SEO Website Management & Services

Monthly Website Management Services include: Hosting on high-speed SEO Server and email management with 24/7 - 365 guarantee reliability, Off-Site SEO link-building, Social Media Management, press releases and promotional campaigns.